Classic Cocoa Tea
Classic Cocoa Tea
Classic Cocoa Tea

Classic Cocoa Tea

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Loose leaf shells of cocoa beans, steeped like a loose-leaf tea, taste refreshingly like chocolate. Sweeten to taste. This chocolate beverage stands alone with no calories and can be served "black" or with cream and sugar.

Drink delicious chocolate in the healthiest way. Treat this chocolate like regular loose leaf tea. Serve hot or over ice.
Meet the brand
Markham & Fitz Chocolate

Two University of Arkansas alumni, Lauren Blanco and Preston Stewart pulled together their savings in 2014 to buy their first pieces of chocolate making equipment.

Lauren, with a background in cultural anthropology and French, spent 5 years working in grassroots economic development in war torn countries where she saw business as a force of good and encountered her first cacao farm. Driven to make a positive difference in the cacao supply chain, she leads the company's strategy, creative direction, and product development.

Preston's background in chemistry and a passion for food science led him to the technical and scientific approach to chocolate making. After tasting craft chocolate for the first time, he dove headfirst into flavor creation and machine tinkering to figure out the process of making chocolate from scratch.

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