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A cup of chai, filled with love. The perfect gesture fit for sentiments that reflect "Get Well Soon", "Thinking Of You", or simply "Just Because". 


» Raw Honey | Republic of Vermont
Not all honey is created equal! The unique flavor of Vermont's wildflower honey is the product of the location of their bee yards and the particular variety of plants and flowers their bees visit. This honey is never heated to preserve its true flavor and natural enzymes and the bees are never treated with any chemicals or miticides.

» Chai Tea Bags | Big Heart Tea Co.

This peppery, naturally sweet chai stimulates digestion and warms you up from the inside. Tea Bag is designed extra big to give the tea room to fully expand and breathe while it steeps.
Ingredients: Organic Tulsi, Organic Red Rooibos, Organic Cardamom, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Star Anise, Peppercorn, Allspice.

Info: 10 compostable tea bags per unit | Shelf life: 2 years | Certified Organic by ODAFF | 100% recyclable outer packaging | 100% compostable inner packaging.

» Olive Wood Honey Dipper | Scent and Feels

This handcrafted honey dipper can be used for honey, jam or syrup or just as a decorative accent in your kitchen. Size: 5" 
Care: Hand wash only, occasionally coat with olive oil

The Unboxing Experience will be Impeccable.
All gifts are neatly packed in our signature, keepsake boxes — Your giftee will have the opportunity to keep and use more than just its contents, the box can be reused for safekeeping and storage in your home or office, making our boxes highly sustainable.

Each POLLOX box arrives in the most pristine condition 💫

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